About Us

We live a fulfilling life traveling and housesitting around the world.  One of the best things about our lifestyle is taking care of wonderful pets.  We always treat them like they were our own.  We also enjoy gardening and routine home care, as we owned our own home for many years before we retired and began our nomadic lifestyle in 2014.

So far, we have lived in 18 countries and 28 different places.  Now we have a “home base”, our own apartment near grandkids in Chestnut Hill (Philadelphia), but we still housesit for much of the year.  You can see all the places we’ve lived so far in the column on the right.  Please let us how we can help you!


I have been dog and cat sitting for many years. We could not have our own pets because one of our sons is allergic to fur. So, once he was off to college, I was able to pet sit for my friends. I loved the chance to have my furry friends stay for a long visit. Smilla, Deter, Rusty, Stella, and Mayham are just a few of my friends that stayed at the Jane B&B for dogs.

I loved every minute of their visits. My favorite part was the walks we would take around the neighborhood. We did this twice a day. There is nothing better than a great reason to go out for a walk. I loved it and the pups loved it too.

On the gardening front, it’s one of my passions in life. Honestly, I am truly happy weeding a garden, watering the pots on the patio, or pruning a plant. I find it very meditative and have missed this in our travels. If there is a plant in one of our apartments, it gets lots of love and always looks better when we leave.

As a teacher for many years, I have honed many skills. Planning a day for 30 students is no easy task. A teacher becomes very organized. I create the to-do list, follow it closely, and get the tasks done.

Nothing can rattle a teacher. We remain calm in an emergency, do what needs to be done all while still keeping the other students focused. An emergency could be a toilet overflowing in the bathroom, a student unable to get in the locker, or a bus not showing up for a field trip. Teachers take each situation in stride.

These skills have completely transferred to my private life and can help me to manage your home with teacher precision.


I first lived overseas in high school, when my father was stationed in Japan for two years.  From this, I developed a lifelong interest in foreign affairs, cultures and languages.  After graduating from Stanford University with a degree in Literature, I  lived in Spain for a year.

I love living in new places and meeting new people and pets, as well as learning the language of the country. I studied Latin and French in high school, and German and Spanish in college. Learning languages is one of my passions.

I owned my own homes my whole life, up until we decided to become nomads. So I’m well accustomed to the many demands of having a home. As a lifelong entrepreneur, I have also managed the day to day operations of a number of businesses, both large and small.

As a result, it’s quite natural for me to be well organized and to solve problems quickly. I know how to figure out what needs to be done in any situation, and then get it done in the most effective and efficient way possible, with good communication throughout.

Since I’m retired, I can devote whatever time is necessary to manage your home and solve any problems that may come up.  I like keeping things working well by anticipating problems and solving them in advance whenever possible.